IMRE: Instant Messaging Real Estate Corp.

Your personal real estate assistant powered by artificial intelligence (A.I.). IMRE is an artificial intelligence platform that will instantly follow up with all your leads, whether online or through text (SMS) messaging, qualifying them for your big sale.

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IMRE helps Realtors qualify potential buyers in real time, 24/7

Your A.I. responds in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in natural language.

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Having an IMRE A.I. assistant is quick and easy.

Sign up, choose the name of your A.I. and IMRE will take care of the rest. You are notified when a new listing is added to your A.I.’s database plus you will get a daily summary of what your A.I. has been up to.

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How do I add my listings to the A.I.? The good news is, you don’t. IMRE takes care of that for you. Your A.I. updates its database with new listings found on your website and notifies you.

What do I need to do to make the best use of my A.I.? IMRE takes care of setting up your A.I. and updating it with your new listings. All you have to do is market the A.I. phone number along with your standard marketing pieces.

How many conversations can the A.I. have at once? Unlimited, one of the great things about artificial intelligence is that it can interact with an unlimited number of leads, at the same time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It does not need a break or a day off.

What do leads need to download to speak with my A.I.? Nothing. Your A.I. is already available on every phone. No need to download anything. Leads can send a text message to interact with your A.I. assistant.

What other channels can my A.I. respond in? Your A.I. can respond via SMS, Facebook Messenger and Intercom Live Chat with more channels coming.

What happens if my A.I. does not know an answer to a question? No problem, your A.I. assistant will let the lead know that they don’t have that information and they have notified you to get back to them with that information.

"When I saw what IMRE's Realtor A.I. could do I was blown away and signed up immediately. "Buffy", our artificial intelligence assistant responds to lead inquiries 24/7, firming up the leads and reporting back to me daily. The tool is powerful and every Realtor everywhere should have their own IMRE A.I. Assistant. Buffy saves our staff time in answering the many listing enquiries we get so my team can follow up and focus on the high value leads. Buffy has become a very valuable asset in my business."

Marty Pospischil, owner Pospischil Realty Group Marty Pospischil, owner Pospischil Realty Group

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