IMRE Frees Up Your Time

Automating everyday real estate agent customer service tasks to qualify leads, deliver better service, and give you more time


It works for you

It won’t put up the open house lawn signs for you, or bake the cookies, but it can answer your customers’ questions and find out what they need. You can even give it a name.

It’s great for business

The IMRE A.I. engine knows what to ask to clarify trickier questions and can even qualify a lead for you by asking questions back. Your clients are happy and you’re happy.

It’s easy to use

If you can use your phone, you can use IMRE. You text or message it questions, such as “Change listing price,” and it does things for you.

It’s really smart

IMRE is like Siri for real estate agents. Potential leads will get fast, friendly answers that feel like they’re coming from a real person.

Custom-built for the Real Estate Industry

Free for Real Estate Agents

  • Automate lead qualification
  • Stand out from the rest
  • Be more productive

Customizable for Developers

  • Create building-specific chatbots
  • Impress potential buyers
  • Provide 24/7 sales support


We built the IMRE A.I. chatbot specifically for the real estate industry. That means it understands real estate jargon and details that might confuse other A.I. bots.


Marty PospischilOwner of Pospischil Realty Group

When I saw what IMRE’s Realtor A.I. could do I was blown away and signed up immediately. “Buffy”, our artificial intelligence assistant responds to lead inquiries 24/7, firming up the leads and reporting back to me daily. The tool is powerful and every Realtor everywhere should have their own IMRE A.I. Assistant. Buffy saves our staff time in answering the many listing enquiries we get so my team can follow up and focus on the high value leads. Buffy has become a very valuable asset in my business.

Qualify more leads faster