Intelligent features to make your life easier

IMRE won’t put up the open house lawn signs for you, or bake the cookies, but it can answer your customers’ questions and find out what they need.


Provide 24/7 support

Customers can reach you any time and get information they want fast—and still feel like they’re dealing with a real person.

Be where your customers are

IMRE lives in your smartphone contacts, as well as a few other places, like Facebook Messenger, Intercom, and more to come.

Never miss a hot lead

Many customers go with the realtor who responds first. IMRE lets you provide an instant response, no matter what you’re doing.

Stay on top of things

IMRE imports your new listings automatically, and sends you a daily summary of transcripts of chats with customers and more!

Put your Chatbot to work!

IMRE takes care of setting up your new A.I. assistant and updating it with your new listings, all you have to do is make sure your customers (and you) get the most benefit from it.


General Marketing Material

Add your A.I. assistant number into your marketing material such as business cards, open house pamphlets, and more!

Facebook Messenger

Integrate your A.I. assistant with Facebook Messenger to provide 24/7 service about your listings to potential leads.


Let your A.I. assistant provide leads with more information about a listing on signage like open house pamphlets, sign toppers, and sandwich boards.


Set up your A.I. assistant with Intercom’s live chat to automatically qualify, route and convert more leads faster through your website.

Samantha has been so efficiently in short-listing my leads. When people start asking Samantha for information about my new listings, it’s almost immediately available for them.


Winston Chan
Real Estate Agent

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